Zombie Run For Humanity


Ottawa's only 5 km zombie-infested obstacle course!

Thanks to all of the participants and sponsors of the fifth annual Zombie Run for Humanity, the event on September 30, 2017 at Karter's Korner was a huge success.

Special thanks to Ryan Ricci, Susan Vacheresse and their dedicated family, friends and all of the volunteers who made this event possible. Please click here to see photos from the 2017 Zombie Run.

Afraid of Zombies? Good. You should be.

So why enter a race and put your humanity on the line? You do it for honour and glory. You do it to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity. And quite frankly for bragging rights for surviving the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.

Don't get your hopes up for some kind of high school track and field. Be prepared to run through fields, tall grass, woods, and through obstacles in your way. It won't be pretty, but when it comes to zombies, nothing is.

So, what role will you play in the Run for Humanity?
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The race will take you through tough terrain and obstacles will be in your way. This isn't just a test of your running skills. This is about survival. At the beginning of the race you'll be given an identification number and a belt with 3 flags. These 3 flags are your life. These flags attract the attention of zombies, and they will do whatever they can to take them away from you. Should you lose your life you still finish the race, but you run with the knowledge that your fate is sealed.

Want to be one of the infected? That's just twisted. But there is a place for people like you in this event too. 
You sign up to be one of two types of zombies. We classify zombies by their state of decay, and call them either a walker or chasers. 

Walkers have been decaying a while and can't manage beyond a shuffle, but they hunt in packs. Our walkers won’t have to chase the runners, but can use “corralling” techniques to grab flags. Chasers are few and far between, but they will run for a meal and run hard. They look like any other zombie, so if you see a zombie start charging you better be ready to run!

Zombie Run for Humanity is on Facebook.

To learn more about the Zombie Run for Humanity visit here.